Photodepilation Equipment

Diode Laser

Diovax, a revolutionary high power diode laser hair removal equipment, which allows much more effective results even on the most difficult skin types.

The advantage, compared to other proposals in the sector, is that, under the motto For effective and safe depilation, works with high power at a temperature of -7 ° C and can act with different working systems. With the sweep system you can achieve more light shots in less seconds and allow the session to be faster and the result more effective. And Diovax guarantees a perfect performance in more than 50 million shots.

Diovax is applicable in any part of the body. Achieve effective depilation on all skin phototypes, penetrating deeply to achieve a definitive removal of the hair without damaging the surrounding tissues.


  • The cooling unit inside the device allows for working temperatures as low as -7oC, providing greater comfort and little if any discomfort.
  • 100 % tested and e ective laser, made in Spain, with in-house tech support .
  • A guaranteed minimum of 10 million discharges over an estimated service life of 50 million .


1200 W and 200 A. The device does not use condensers and delivers the energy directly and immediately, significantly reducing loading and unloading times that would otherwise lead to power losses.

Long or short sweeps. Speed: From 1 Hz to 12 Hz.

Flow: Simple and immediate configuration of the amount of energy applied on discharge.

Power: Up to 60 J/cm2 Window glass: ZAFIRO.


Light and ergonomic.

6 German diode bars with a total of 1200 W.

Its higher, pyramid-shaped tip allows for improved access to di cult areas.

PHYSICAL FEATURES 1.100 x 500 x 380 mm. Weight: 35 kg.

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