Slims down your silouhette and improves your metabolism whilst modelling and reducing your body contour

New NOVASONIX New High Density Soft Laser Emitter Technique

The most advanced in soft laser lipolysis comes with ADIPOCARE PLUS. It is a non-invasive technique for the elimination of localized fatty accumulations quickly, safely and durably.

The combination of high density laser emitters (639nm) and microcirrents of polarized radiofrequency athermic, offer a synergistic power for the treatment of cellulite never offered until today.

This novel combination allows the emptying of the adipocytes, the elimination of accumulated fat and the tonification of the tissue. This not only lowers the volume, but also molds the treated areas.

The high density soft laser emission by 639nm diodes, in the form of visible red light and 830nm (infrared), with a penetration in the tissues of up to 2cm, below the surface of the skin where the cells of the Body responsible for storing fat adipocytes. In combination with polar current applicators (optional), they act safely and selectively on adipocyte membrane receptors causing biochemical stimuli that favor the elimination of accumulated fats.

An action of vasodilation by radiofrequency stimulation on the nervi vasorum produces a hypervascularization that modifies the metabolism of the cells, allowing them to increase their exchanges and improve their nutrition.

NOVASONIX TECHNOLOGY with exclusive technology, through the NSX method opens a new era in aesthetic technology.

Biological Effects of the NSX Method
  • Allows for the emptying of adipocytes, thus eliminating accumulated fat whilst toning tissue.
  • Modifies the permeability of cell membranes, lymph canals and blood vessels, increasing their flow and fostering nutrition.
  • Normalizes the ionic balance and stimulating cell mitochondria.
  • Our patented specific radiofrequency technology generates a deep electronic pulse current that greatly increases the permeability of non-superficial tissue membranes.
  • Tones skin tissue in the abdomen and legs, allowing it to recover its elasticity.
  • Improves venous return and the permeability of the lymphatic system.

Dual Laser Lipo-activation

40 high-density soft laser diodes at a 639nm wavelength stimulate fatty tissue through membrane receptors (Cytochrome C), causing mitochondria to degrade into shorter chains, consuming fat and expelling it outwards.

Stimulates fatty tissue.

12 high-power soft laser diodes at a wavelength of 830nm stimulate the membranes of adipocytes, thus helping to empty them and balance the extracellular and intracellular ion balance.

Reduces inflammation in fatty tissue.

Bio-active A-thermal Radiofrequency

The emission of CBA radiofrequency stimulates and re-activates tissue without increasing temperature. Lymphatic nodes and vessels re-absorb liquids and increase cellular ion exchanges.

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