Reduces inflammation whilst boosting micro-circulation in the treated area

High Impact Ultrasonic Pressure Waves penetrate painlessly compact, painless, fat tissue.

These waves generate a sudden and intense vibration and exert a deep kneading in the fat nodules, which favors the rupture of the fibrotic framework and transforms the compact tissue, in a grease easier to reabsorber.

Option to work in continuous mode and in pulsed mode, which allows to work with a wave of impact much more powerful.

Biological Effects

  • Local vasodilatation and an increase in the flow of blood owing to the production
    of heat through cellular friction in the area.
  • Increases local metabolism by stimulating cell functions and the regenerative capacity of tissue.
  • Regulates circulation in extravasations and edemas.
  • Increases the flexibility of collagen-rich tissue, reducing the rigidity of support fibers.
  • Turns compact fat into geloid fat.
  • Normalizes membrane potential.
  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

High-impact Ultrasound Pressure Waves

Penetrate compact fatty tissue painlessly and innocuously.

These waves generate a rough, sudden vibration that kneads fatty nodules in-depth, breaking up fibrotic structures and transforming compact tissue, resulting in fat that is easier to absorb.

The device can run in continuous and pulse mode, the latter of which allows for far more powerful impact waves.


  • Ceramic ultrasound-generating head with a surgical-grade Titanium body.
  • Controlled low-frequency ultrasounds.
  • Deep, powerful impact wave.
  • Shock therapy with ultra-pulsed high-impact, low-frequency ultrasound.
  • Deep tissue micro-percussion.
  • Treatment of compact fat.
  • Profound hyperthermia.
  • Promotes the reabsorbing of localized fat.

Transforms compact tissue into fat that can be easily reabsorbed, thus reducing volume and improving the appearance of the skin.

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