A complete facial treatment system. NSX Method

The Biological effects of the NSX Method allow to modify the permeability of the membrane of the cells, lymphatic channels and blood vessels, allowing them to increase their exchanges and improve their nutrition.

The technique of the NSX method Normalizes ionic balance and stimulates cellular mitochondria.

It has a CBA athermal radiofrequency, of patented technology, which generates a deep electro-pulsion current, which causes a great increase in membrane permeabilization in non-superficial tissues.

Dermaplus is an excellent device that achieves local vasodilation and increased blood flow. In addition to stimulating cellular functions and tissue regeneration capacity, it increases the flexibility of tissues rich in collagen. Creates an increase-fill of wrinkles and expression marks.

Biological effects of the NSX Method

  • Modifies the permeability of cell membranes, lymph canals and blood vessels, increasing their flow and fostering
  • Normalizes the ionic balance and stimulating cell mitochondria.
  • Our patented CBA a-thermal radiofrequency generates a deep electronic pulse current that greatly increases the permeability of non-superficial tissue membranes.
  • Has a local vasodilator effect that promotes the blood flow.
  • Stimulates cell functions and tissue regeneration capacity.
  • Increases the flexibility of collagen-rich tissue.
  • Fills and evens out wrinkles and lines.

Diamond tip microdermoabrasion.

Homogenizes and smoothes out the skin, preparing it for the absorption of active principles.

Bio-active A-thermal Radiofrequency

The emission of CBA radiofrequency currents reduces edemas and promotes the functioning of the peripheral circulatory system.

Selective photo-bio-stimulation laser

Tissue regeneration is increased through the stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis.

Reactivates and re-densifies dermal tissue

Recovers the loss of tissue volume from ageing, restoring a youthful appearance to treated tissue.

Combined suction therapy

Helps reduce inflammation and promotes the release of accumulated fluids. A complete system for facial therapy.

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