We at NOVASONIX are professional cosmetics and cosmetic medicine equipment manufacturers, designers of new technology, and we are aware of the fact that the growth and progress of our company hinges on the satisfaction and assessment of our products’ performance by our clients. This is made possible through the concentrated effort of experts and professionals from different fields of expertise.

Our technology is entirely developed and manufactured in our Spanish facilities according to the strictest standards of the European medical cosmetic industry, and we have been awarded ISO quality certificates in cosmetics and medicine.

We design cosmetic devices that can provide internal regeneration and which can restore cell functions, resulting in a healthier, more beautiful body.

We at Novasonix offer exclusive and patented technology (the NSX Method), the best warranty services and an extensive marketing and training support plan. Our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction for our customers in order to help you achieve professional success.

All of our cosmetic and medical devices have been tested and certified through medical and clinical tests by a team of prestigious and acknowledged doctors and health professionals, and they have a three-year warranty for fixed parts and labor costs.