Slims down your silouhette whilst modelling and reducing your body contour

This equipment, Adiposhape®, aims to promote the improvement of the cellular functions of the skin, subcutaneous cellular tissue and ligamentous-muscular structures.

Our technology has the ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage and deep tissue. It stimulates the release of fatty acids from adipocytes, so that the body uses them as an energy reserve or eliminates them through the urinary and lymphatic systems.

This process takes place in the fatty layer without damage to the adjacent tissues. It is therefore a non-invasive and totally effective therapy.

High Impact Ultrasonic Pressure Waves penetrate painlessly compact, painless, fat tissue.

These waves generate a sudden and intense vibration and exert a deep kneading in the fat nodules, which favors the rupture of the fibrotic lattice and transforms the compact tissue, in a grease easier to reabsorber.

Option to work in continuous mode and in pulsed mode, which allows to work with a wave of impact much more powerful.

Biological Effects of the NSX Method

  • Allows for the emptying of adipocytes, thus eliminating accumulated fat whilst toning tissue.
  • Modifies the permeability of cell membranes, lymph canals and blood vessels, increasing their flow and fostering nutrition.
  • Normalizes the ionic balance and stimulating cell mitochondria.
  • Our patented CBA a-thermal radiofrequency technology generates a deep electronic pulse current that greatly increases the permeability of non-superficial tissue membranes.
  • Tones skin tissue in the abdomen and legs, allowing it to recover its elasticity.
  • Improves venous return and the permeability of the lymphatic system.

Dual Laser Lipo-activation

40 high-density soft laser diodes at a 639nm wavelength stimulate fatty tissue through membrane receptors (Cytochrome C), causing mitochondria to degrade into shorter chains, consuming fat and expelling it outwards.

Stimulates fatty tissue.

12 high-power soft laser diodes at a wavelength of 830nm stimulate the membranes of adipocytes, thus helping to empty them and balance the extracellular and intracellular ion balance.

Reduces inflammation in fatty tissue.

Bio-active A-thermal Radiofrequency

The emission of CBA radiofrequency stimulates and re-activates tissue without increasing temperature. Lymphatic nodes and vessels re-absorb liquids and increase cellular ion exchanges.

Combined Suction Therapy

Controlled suction therapy allows for the mobilization of lymph and interstitial fluids. It also favors the release of accumulated fluids and their elimination through urine. It also helps reduce inflammation and promotes the recovery of circulation.

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