As we age, our body little by little stops producing collagen and elastin, which results in a progressive loss of skin firmness and elasticity. This loss of firmness occurs in: face, neck, neckline, arms, buttocks, inner thighs, etc.
To combat sagging, there are different body firming treatments that allow you to recover the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

What does the body firming treatment consist of?

A body firming treatment allows the skin to regain its elasticity and increase its firmness, making the silhouette more defined. This body treatment is suitable for anyone who, whether due to genetics, lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, or an inadequate diet, has lost the firmness of their skin.
With TANIT aesthetic from Novasonix, you can perform a non-invasive body firming treatment, without pain or side effects, and that respects and pampers the tissue at all times. It is suitable for all areas of the body and the results are visible from the first session.

What benefits does the body firming treatment offer?

These are the results supported by clinical studies of the TANIT body firming treatment:
80% improvement in the texture and firmness of the fabric

5cm reduction in the contour of the area

40% reduction of adipose tissue

9.3/10 customer satisfaction with treatment

What technology is used with the body firming treatment?

The exclusive combination of TANIT aesthetic technologies on the same platform achieves the best results in a body firming treatment.

Dual Soft Laser CBA: Stimulation from the inside

The 3D shape-in pads use Dual Soft Laser technology that, together with the Buffered Bioactive Current (CBA), stimulate the body from the inside. This triple action allows tissue regeneration and, as a consequence, generates muscle mass, combats sagging, increases the production of collagen and elastin and firms the skin. This technology is developed and patented by Novasonix.

Slaag Motion: Stimulation from the outside.

The rotation carried out on the surface of the skin, thanks to the mechanical stimulation produced by its 45 spheres, allows you to sculpt and define the body in a 100% natural way.
Get your safe and effective firming body treatment done with the new revolutionary TANIT aesthetic platform and turn your beauty center into one of reference.